NearTech, a technology recruitment agency, launches with 11 Investments

NearTech, based in Manchester and London, a new tech recruitment company specialising in innovative software engineering technologies, proudly announces a strategic partnership with the fast-growing recruitment incubator, 11 Investments. The collaboration brings together the visionary leadership of Richard Thexton, Co-Founder of NearTech, and the recruitment and back-office expertise of 11 Investments to accelerate NearTech’s mission of reshaping the tech recruitment landscape for clients across the globe.

NearTech’s focus and USP will be on supporting companies with the challenges of shaping their culture in a world where technology teams are often dispersed nationally or internationally and have evolving digital workplace environments.. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, NearTech’s aim will be to deliver tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of the tech industry.

Co-Founder Richard Thexton, who has over 14 years in the technology recruitment market across international markets, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Joining forces and launching my business with 11 Investments marks a pivotal moment for me personally, and I’m excited to see where we take NearTech. This collaboration will empower us to expand our reach, enhance our services, and ultimately provide even greater value to our clients and candidates.”

Investment Director of 11 Investments, David Forsdyke added “We are thrilled to partner with Richard and launch NearTech. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to supporting innovative ventures, and we look forward to leveraging 11 Investment’s expertise to propel NearTech’s growth and impact in the dynamic tech talent landscape.”

The partnership with 11 Investments is expected to fuel NearTech’s growth trajectory, enabling the company to leverage additional resources, back-office support by industry experts, and strategic guidance. As NearTech launches in in tech recruitment sector, this partnership reinforces its commitment to shaping the future of talent acquisition in the dynamic tech landscape.

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