NearTech work with companies within a range of specialisms including microservices, distributed systems, machine learning, cyber security, blockchain, AI automation or any niche specialism where their service or platform is driven by tech.

Top Talent NearTech Recruit For

Our expert recruitment consultants operate internationally, finding top talent across the UK, United States and Europe. Find out more below:
Chief Technology Officer
For start-ups through or multi-national companies.
Hands-off Engineering leaders reporting into C-level.
Hands-on and hands-off Software Engineering Leaders.

Microservices / Kubernetes / Docker / Rest / Distributed Systems

Experienced Engineers who are able to mentor others & lead projects.
Golang / Python / Ruby on Rails / Java / JavaScript
GCP / AWS / Azure / Kubernetes / Docker
Python / dbt / PostgreSQL / Spark / Kafka / Snowflake / AWS Redshift / SQL / Redis


  • Leadership Roles

    Strategic & confidential searches for Technology Leaders – Directors / VPs & CTOs.

  • Start-up & Growth

    Helping tech companies needed to scale quickly & using NearTech’s candidate network to further their reach.

  • Greenfield Projects

    Finding tech professionals with specific project and/or industry experience to help companies with key projects.

  • National or International Expansion

    Supporting companies to build grow new offices in different locations whilst cultivating their company culture.

  • Replacement Hiring

    Getting a key replacement hire right this time around – tech, industry and culture-wise.


  • Microservices
  • Distributed Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • Automation
Technology teams are better connected globally than ever before

While this enables companies to grow with the best talent across counties and continents, this expansion brings the challenge of maintaining and developing shared company values, cultures and identity. That’s where NearTech comes in.

You can rely on NearTech to find the best talent technically and culturally regardless of locations. We know the tech markets inside-out and focus on the essential softer skills where other recruiters don’t, ensuring you secure the best all-round hire for your unique business.


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